Well happy Monday!  Here it is the start of a new week and I was actually in the studio creating this weekend.  Well at least I was creating on Sunday.  Saturday I walked a 5K race with some of my friends . . . in the rain and all but we still had a great time!  I’m looking forward to the next one . . . . whenever it might be . . .


During one of my walks this week, it occurred to me that I’ve been stamping for a long time.  I purchased my first stamps back in the 1980s but had to put them away when my girls were small.  Once they were in high school and we didn’t have the scout troops, the swim lessons and they were essentially growing up, I took them all out again.  When they both left home and were in college or out on their own, we had 5 years of being empty nesters.  I had a lot of time to get my creative mojo on with no outside pressure or demand on my time.

Then one day I turned around and they were all home again!  One graduated from college and came home with illness and the other got a divorce and came home with my granddaughter.  Neither of my girls live here now . . .  they have a house together, along with the granddaughter, 2 blocks away from home.  I can’t see their house from mine, but if I cut through the neighbors yards at the end of the street I’m in their front yard.  They’re near enough if they have a problem . . . like the house being hit by lightening . . . and yet far enough away that we don’t see each other all of the time.

Of course, I am the childcare provider for my granddaughter  . . . so I do have her anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week.  It just depends on whose weekend it is.  She keeps me grounded and makes me step back to enjoy the moment.  I wasn’t able to do that with my girls.  I worked full-time until they were both in grade school and missed with them what I’m able to enjoy with the granddaughter.  We take walks, and build houses, and make puzzles and sing the Hot Dog Song with Mickey.  Now that the weather is warmer we play in the water and blow bubbles for hours on end.

My time for me is limited again, and I’m learning to live in the moment and enjoy things as they come.  I’ve worried a little about the mojo being gone . . . but you know what . . . it’s still there!  It’s just buried for the moment.  I can feel it bubbling up and have so many ideas in my head of things I want to work on.  Maybe it won’t be cards or canvases, but it surely will be creative.

I walked into the studio Sunday morning and cleaned things up a bit.  I threw away the trash, put things away and organized a teeny tiny bit.  Then I made this card for the Quietfire Creations Blog


I loved the process!  I was all in the moment!  I didn’t come upstairs until it was done and my photos were made . . . .

Of course, I probably wouldn’t have walked in the studio without the deadline for Quietfire; but quite honestly I’m glad I did.  It made me want to play and to create!  Finally!!  I can’t and I won’t make promises that I’m going to be here everyday  . . . but I am going to try to make it once a week.  Let’s see how things go . . .  It’s all about balance for me . . .  trying to find the happy median that will work for me and then work for the others that depend on me to be wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend.

Anyhow, I do hope you’ll hop over the Quietfire Creations Blog and take a look at my card.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to need some love.

Thanks for stopping by and joining me . . . gee I’ve missed my writing . . .



Good morning y’all!  I know it has been some time since I’ve been here, and I truly don’t have any reason other than I just don’t have it in me to be creative.  The desire, the inspiration, the “mojo” is gone.  Why I don’t know.  Maybe it’s burn out!  Things just don’t seem to be falling into place recently . . . I look around the web at what others are doing and quite frankly there’s nothing there for me.  Things I thought were in the works fizzled and dried up . . . that could be part of it . . . my enthusiasm waned and I became disgusted and felt nothing was relevant.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do . . . I’m an artist!  I have been my entire life and I still love it . . . I still have ideas running through my head . . .  I just don’t have the motivation or desire to walk into the dudgeon (see that might be another problem) and work.  I feel I’ve been pushed to an area I don’t want to be in and it’s not organized, its damp, its dark  . . . perhaps I should look at it another way and be thankful I actually have a dedicated space that is mine.  Yes that’s what I need to do for sure and make that space useful.  It’s going to take me awhile because I need to organize the rest of the basement and the thought/project is so overwhelming, I just can’t face it.

I used to love to blog!  I loved sharing my life, my stories and my art with you.  Now I ask are you still out there.  Social media has changed the way we work and how we see things . . . Is it a good thing or a bad think?  I can’t decide!  Yes, I’m full of indecision.  Will this be my last post for a while?  Maybe.  I truly don’t know for sure!

I’ve worked really hard the last year and a half in making myself physically healthy.  It dawned on me a month or so ago that I had been living in a fog for the last several years.  A number of things were not getting done around here that should have been . . . I just couldn’t remember to do them or have the energy to do them.  SO . . . I made the decision to quit my antidepressants cold turkey.  I just up and quit them one day.  That was the only medicine that I had not removed from my daily life that I thought could be my culprit of foggy head.  I began taking herbal supplements and using essential oils . . .  the fogginess is gone!  I feel that I’m finally operating 95% healthy.  Now I just need to work on my balance . . .  what makes me happy and that I love to do and those things that must be done.  Priorities!

Now that I’ve rambled on and divulged much more than I had anticipated when I started this post . . . there’s a story somewhere in here . . .

The reason for my post today  . . .  I created this card


for Quietfire Design today.  You can find out more over on the Quietfire Creations Blog today!  I hope you’ll hop over and take a look . . .

In the meantime . . .  I’m a work in progress and we’ll see where my work is taking me!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope that you’ll be here again . . .



Well, it appears I’ve been absent for longer than I thought . . . it’s just been so hard to find any extra time to walk down to the dungeon and try to be creative.  I truly have no excuse for it other than the motivation just hasn’t been there . . .


last night I did make a very quick, clean and simple card (don’t faint)


Join me over on the Quietfire Creations Blog to get all the details  . . .



What a fabulous Blog Hop we had last week with lots of inspiration.  I ran my comments through random.org generator and



I love the silver/gold on the believe. The background is beautiful.
I had my fingers crossed to win some of the color burst last week but it never happened.
The big bows on the cards are so pretty too.
thanks for sharing some wonderful cards.


Mary if you haven’t heard from me by email, please send me one (sherrylcheever@gmail.com) with your mailing address!  Thanks for participating!!



BelieveBanner   Welcome to Day 4 of the Quietfire Design Die-ing for Spring Blog Hop!  I hope you’ve had an opportunity to visit the earlier designers on this hop (if not, I’ve listed them below so you can go back and pick them up).  In case you missed it, Quietfire Design now has their own line of dies . . . and needless to say, I’m extremely excited!   Die-ing-for-Spring-Blog-Hop-logo Here is our Hop Schedule and the dates each designer did or will be posting.  To visit the other blogs, check click on their name.  

For a chance to win a Quietfire rubber stamp or die (Don’t be shy!) leave a comment below before midnight Sunday April 5th, 2015. A winner will be randomly chosen from my list of comments and the winner’s name will be posted on Quietfire Creations shortly afterwards.

I have two projects to share with you today; but before I do that, I want to show you a trick I used for both of these cards using Ken Oliver Crafts Stick-It.  Before die cutting, I placed a piece of Stick-it on the back of the paper to be die cut so that the intricate cut would adhere to the card front without a glue/adhesive mess.  For the “Believe” card, the Stick-It was applied to both front and back before die cutting.


To cut so that the Stick-It is on the back of the cut, place the die face down on the side without the Stick-It.


The most marvelous thing, is that the paper falls right out of the die and you can take a pointed edge to poke the paper out by using the tiny holes in the die.  The die cut simply falls right out!



Now for my projects!  The first is a card using the new Metal Cutting Die, Believe, and the stamp set, If you Don’t Believe in Miracles.  




The background was made using watercolor paper and Color Bursts, which were mixed with water to create a watercolor pallet.  The watercolor paper was misted with water and splatters of Color Burst were applied to the damp paper with a large very wet paintbrush.  Canned air was used to move the color around the paper and when almost dry, paper towel was rolled across the top to pick up some of the color.  The paper towel left a great pattern in the background and gave me a lighter more spring-like coloring that I was going for.  Using a gold leafing pen, splatters of gold leaving were spritzed across the background.  

This was the die cut that I applied Stick-It to both the front and back.  Once the “Believe” was adhered to the card front (by removing the back protective layer of the Stick-It), a mixed leafing flake was applied to the front.  You can see all the great texture and colors in the first photograph of this post.

The sentiment was stamped on the inside of the card and embossed in gold to match the front.


For my second card, I used a piece of the same background paper but this time I used more Color Burst misting spray over the previous background to make the colors bolder.  In my stash I found this old stamp of the bras . . . and stamped them randomly over the background.  A border was die cut from gray card stock, and I used the same gray to die cut Thanks, using the new Metal Cutting Die, Thanks.


The sentiment on the inside of the card, “for your support,” from the new stamp set Thanks Cuddlers was stamped in gray to match the outside of the card.



Thank for joining me, and if you haven’t done so already, go back and leave comments on all the designers Die-ing for Spring blog posts, there will be a winner drawn from each blog!


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