22 Responses to “Mud Puppy”

  1. I love the muddy face. Nothin’ beats animal pictures…..especially when they have been up to no good.

    Darling card, Sherry!

  2. I have to say she looks cute as a button and I can see right into her little head “What you lookin’ at? I don’t have a problem, and by the way, I was no where at all near that mud puddle!”

  3. Funny story, Sherry. It must be the time of the year for washin’ our pooches with the hose. I did that the other day myself when our lab/Irish setter mix got in the yucky part of the pond. LOL He was shivering, but no hot tub here . . . poor pup. LOL . . . Ellie does look adorable even if she was muddy. Glad your grillin’ stuff didn’t burn you were extremely busy there for quite a few minutes. That’s a mom . . . multi-task it, baby!! 😀 ha

  4. omgawd Sherry – thank you so much for the giggle!!!
    As Kelly said – multi-taskin’ Mom. I’m past that stage now. It’s surprising how fast it all comes back when you babysit 3 grands and 2 dogs!!!!
    Love the card by the way….now that’s my style!!! latte/cap and chocolate – yummy.

  5. Mud puppy/hot dog…snort!!! You’re too funny! That Miss Ellie is so cute!!
    I love your card. You’re right…it’s different, and it’s great! Agree on the sewing!

  6. Oh, Sherry, your title was just perfect. Too funny!

  7. Hot Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHHAAAAA!!! Too funny!! Have fun at the show….

  8. Sherry, that pic of Miss Ellie is priceless. Thanks for sharing that. The card is great too.

  9. Oh your story, Sherry! Thanks for the big belly laugh!!!

  10. Dirty Dog= Happy dog… At least at my house anyway! Loved thehot tub part, and the smiley is hilarious!

  11. Have a fun week end.

    Silly dog looked cute covered in mud.

  12. omg! too cute! what kind of pup is she?

  13. Oh Sherry that is a funny picture and story! My 200lb English Mastiff just had to get a bath too because she also found a muddy area in the yard! I saw her standing there and she kept looking at me and I kept saying No but she plopped herself right into and gave herself a good roll!!! She was covered! I forgot the camera until I had hosed all the mud off from her! Oh well I am sure it wont be the last time! I am really loving the new Hanna images and what you have done with them!

  14. Muddy doggy pictures are priceless. Love the card too!

  15. Thank you so much for the doggie story. I can just see how this happened. I had this happen a long time ago with a past dog. I had the garden hose dripping on a new planted plant and lost track of time. I happened to look out my kitchen window and saw my dog literally stomping in the mud and of course making more mud. All I could do with look at it as a funny event. Have a great day.

  16. Leslie aka lel196………..OMG……what a sight that must have been with a 200 lb dog. I love the mastiff line of dogs. You must have a camera close by and get a picture of this. I would love to see the photo.

  17. Oh my goodness, don’t the kids just get into the worse trouble when we are all ready busy….that was just too cute though. Like how you threw her in the hot tub 🙂
    Fun card and that paper is just perfect for it!

  18. Sherry, You can really tell a story! I was LMAO!!! Your dog is so cute, cute, cute. Especially with the mud.
    Super cute card! I’ll need to pop on over there to see the new sets.

  19. Oh, that Jeanne is so goooood! I had no idea she was adding stamp designer to her resume.

    And Dave from Rubbernecker? Please tell me he is with you this weekend or I am going to be a mad woman. He is supposed to help me with an unresolved Rubbernecker issue but my e mials to him are bouncing back. If he is one very busy guy I will give him some leeway.

  20. LOL! I can definitely relate this weekend! Had to give the puppy a bath after he got done playing with the kids. He was jumping in their kiddie pool and then laying down in the dirt and sand. Ick…big mess! But at least they all had fun.

  21. I love that face!!!! cute pictures Sherry

  22. Sherry……..I love the new Hannah Cafe stamp set. I’m accumulating several of the new clear stamp sets and haven’t even used any yet. I’m wondering what type of puppy you have. My husband and I are patiently waiting another two weeks before we can pick up our new puppy, a little Havanese we’ve named Katie. She is caramel and creme in color and I’m sure we’ll have many fun times grooming her long hair after she has fun like your puppy.

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