Good morning!  Smiley from At least it’s a good one here this morning.  On Sunday I decided to clean out the leftovers in the fridge, two little containers, corned beef and potatoes.  As my luck would have it, the kitchen sink backed up.  Of course, Mr. Stodgy got a little angry, shaking his head, huffing and puffing.  The more he worked on plunging the sink, the funnier it got.  I eventually started to laugh hysterically and informed him that I did it on purpose just to make him angry and to give him one more problem chore.  Yeah right!  I would do anything not to have stalk around the house huffing and puffing.

To make a long story even longer, I had to call the Smiley from yesterday morning.  It took two of them, two snakes, a new trap, two hours and lots of my money to fix the sink.  It was eventually determined after the clog was removed, that the lines were not getting enough air.  Did you know that those little pipes on our roofs are actually vent pipes for water lines?  I had no idea!  The one above our kitchen was full of little twigs, acorns, leaves, and other junk.  Believe it or not, they actually took the snake out there and ran it up and down through the vent pipe a few times.  Smiley from my kitchen sink works like a dream now.  It hasn’t worked this well since we moved into the house some 22 years ago.  I also learned today that if you put a mesh cover over the vent pipe, to make sure that there is an arch to it.  Not flat . . . a leave could be stuck to the top and will definitely cut off all air.

Now that I’ve completely bored you to tears, let’s get to today’s card.  Today we have started the Rubbernecker Challenges again.  WACKY WEDNESDAY!  You can check it out over at the Rubbernecker Blog.  I am the hostess for today’s challenge and I have challenged everyone to make an ATC!

Of course I had to do that “inky-thing I do” and have a little fun with Grunge Board!

WW Butterfly ATC

I hope you have a fabulous day and try your hand at an ATC.  Thanks for stopping by!

18 Responses to “A Clogged Kitchen Sink and an ATC!”

  1. Sherry, Got the Rubbernecker button pasted on my blog. And, no I did not know about the “venting,” but am familiar with “huffing” and the “air” you need to keep that kitchen sink in working order 😀 Thanks for the info!

  2. glad you got your sink fixed too funny about pulling the dog out LOL
    love your ATC looks so pretty

  3. Wow, Sherry! I love this ATC. I have never had any desire to create an ATC – never have understood the point of them – but I must say this has inspired me and I may just have to make one! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I forgot to mention the sink story was not boring but was very informative. Thanks!

  5. Gorgeous Sherry!!

  6. Beautiful ATC!

  7. Oh my you learn something new every day, sorry to hear it was such an expensive lesson.
    So love the colors in your ATC, very pretty!

  8. This is beautiful, Sherry! I LOVE the off-kilter layout and your inky-thing colors!!

  9. Absolutely love the muted colors, this is beautiful Sherry. Oh, the plumber visual had me chuckling too. Have a wonderful and not too Wacky Wednesday!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous, Sherry!!! The background is beautiful and the little dragonfly looks like a watercoloring…fabuliscious!!!!! Oh, btw, that little plumber needs to pull up his pants…..bwahaahaahaahaa!!!!!

  11. Sherry, this is a mini masterpiece and so “you”! I love the softness of the images and the hardware with the organdy ribbon. You packed lots of interest into that little card.

  12. Gorgeous! I love all the variegated colors on your ATC! I’ve never made one, so I’m sure my first one will be ehhhhh…… I’ll give it a shot, though. There are so many Rubbernecker images that I wanna get, and that $25 gc would come in very handy. :-)

  13. It’s 6:30am here, I’m crackin’ up reading your story (with the illustrations) and trying to figure out how to make my unfinished card an ATC (oh yeah…and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your card!!)

  14. WAY COOL!!
    I love how these colors blend together!!
    and that flower is just too coo!!

  15. I feel for you – one time I called an electrician to change a light bulb….

    Beautiful ATC!!

  16. Gorgeous Sherry!! But all of your work is my friend. Can’t wait for Texas 😉

  17. What a gorgeous ATC!! I love this!! TFS! Sorry about your sink…but that butt crack smiley cracks me up!! :)

  18. I LOVE it!! what a beautiful ATC!!

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