23 Responses to “We All Need Something That Reminds Us Of Who We Are!”

  1. Sherry – This is stunning!!! Love the idea and most likely will be borrowing it!!!!

  2. That is wonderful! It’s great you were able to take the odds and ends and make something that had meaning for you.


  3. Sherry, this is just too cool.

  4. Just don’t lose this one anywhere! There are too many sentimental things on it!

  5. What a clever idea. You are very artistic. Love your work. Edna

  6. Good Lord, woman. Is there anything you CAN’T do?! This is amazing!! All that nostalgia is making me drool!

  7. I just love it! I still have my first charm bracelet from when I was a wee one….I might be able to fit it around two of my fingers now!

  8. What eye candy you’ve created. You won’t care what time it is….you’ll get lost in memories…what a wonderful place to be. Your cable car charm sped me off to a weekend not so long ago when my friend and I spent a wonderful two days in San Francisco and we both checked one item off our bucket list. Thanks for sharing your story.

  9. That is awsome! I bet you will find lots of wonderful charms to add on.

  10. Sherry, I bet you could bring charm bracelets back in fashion after this. I have one that I love to wear whenever these old fingers of mine are working. I love the coffin…never saw one of those before! Makes me wonder if I can squeeze a few more charms on mine. Have fun with it and enjoy the memories.

  11. Absolutely AMAZING! You deserve to break your arm patting yourself on the back……ha! What a TREASURE!!!! I LOVE it and vintage charm bracelets. Of course I just realized that my only charm bracelet is “vintage” because I am so old. Started it when I was in Jr. High in the 60’s. Jeez…until tonight I didn’t realize that made it Vintage.

    Fabulous, fabulous work!!!!!


  12. you just keep on patting, this is AWESOME, you did a great job!

  13. MAVELOUS….JUST MAVELOUS! Love how creative you are!

  14. What a great treasure you have made for yourself, bravo! I feel your joy 🙂
    Pat away Sherry, but be gentle and don’t break anything 😉
    Do you suppose everyone might be looking for old charms now?

  15. What a wonderful way to preserve all those memories!

  16. This is just so beautiful Sherry. So creative you are. Every time you look at your wrist when you wear this bracelet you have a nice memory. Have fun with Wendy Vecchi. TFS!!! this amazing piece with us. 😀

  17. What a smart woman you are – I love this watch and the charms are just so artsy – just like you.

  18. GET OUT OF HERE!! What a FABULOUS creation!! Love the Kokopeli (sp?!) charm….I have a couple that grace my house!!


  20. very cool and a great sense of accomplishment knowing you did it yourself!

  21. Wonderful piece, a piece to treasure always! Great work!

  22. LOVE, LOVE it, Sherry! How special! One question though….does the watch work?

  23. Okay sis, you have out done yourself now. Thank goodness I know how to share. Actually that is a beautiful piece. Mall will have to put her dibs on this.

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