32 Responses to “My Very First Scrap Page!”

  1. Sherry, I too am addicted to Angry Birds. Don’t forget to upload your 18 new St. Pat’s games on “Seasons.” On the upside, when your device goes dead from playing, you can build a card or alter something while you are waiting for it to recharge 🙂 Love the homage to your Grandmother.

  2. Don’t you just love information from the past. Great job Sherry. I too have never scraped but believe it or not I gathered some pictures of my girls and ha that thought last night. Can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks for the share.

  3. Great scrapbook page of your Grandmother Sherry! Beautiful colors too.

  4. For a first time LO you did very well! I am not much of a scrapbooker either and mine don’t look nearly as awesome as this does. I have a memory of my Grandmother getting paid and she would ‘put on the dog’ and she also didn’t drive so we all walked up town to the drug store to get an ice cream float. It became a payday deal every payday. Memories…

  5. Wow Sherry this page is just gorgeous your Grandmother would have just loved it!! 🙂

  6. Way to stretch youself Sherry! Great layout…totally your great style!

  7. It’s absolutely stunning Sherry, you’ve done your grandmother proud! My grandparents didn’t talk much about the past either, maybe something from their era. I do believe the folks from that era were more reserved and had more dignity and respect than what I see on the streets today.

  8. For a first page… WOW… of course with all that love so TOTALLY evident this page is just GORGEOUS… I miss my Grammy too, damn but she made me giggle… still does remembering… 🙂

    I MUST ask, WTH is Angry Birds???

  9. Sherry, This is absolutely a gorgeous scrapbook page and I enjoyed reading about your grandmother. It brought back wonderful memories of my grandmother. 🙂

  10. Gorgeous page, Sherry.

  11. Sweet! Angry Birds rock! I’m addicted too. Damn little pigs.
    Graphic 45 is the BOMB and what you did with it is WONDERFUL! LOVE the story, love the flowers… you did GREAT.

    The whole generation of “non-talkers”, “no-sharing” and being “private” seems so far away as we live in a time of diarrhea of the mouth, TMI. I came across a family comment while doing Genealogy, “Sarah, you don’t have to talk about home, what happened there didn’t happen here and it doesn’t matter anymore. Your past you left behind.” Well fine, but that really left a huge CHUNK out of our family history because I’m pretty sure there was a “scandal” back in the day!!

  12. Love it Sherry! You’re a natural at scrapbook pages. 🙂

  13. Hi Sherry –
    This is a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. I can’t believe this is your first scrapbook page. It is so lovely, but then all your work is awesome.

    Elaine Allen
    P.S. Keeping my fingers crossed that you are selected for the Graphic 45 DT.

  14. Your page is fabulous, Sherry!!! You’d never know it was a first!!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous…you really should keep scrappin!
    Good luck with the DT!

  16. What a wonderful page Sherry. I love that you have all the history behind the page. That just makes it so much more real. Your Grandma would be so honored that you made this. Your page is beautiful.

  17. Great layout. Our grandmother was a pistol. Anyone who had ever met her would of loved her. She definately thought your daughters would have been the berries. Can’t wait to see more.

  18. Sherry, your page is just wonderful. And your post moved me to tears. thanks for your inspiration.

  19. Great scrapbook page!

  20. Sherry, great layout!!! I wish my first layouts would have looked like this : )

  21. Wonderful Sherry!!!
    What a great tribute to your Grandmother.

  22. OK, I totally do not get Angry Birds and what the heck is an LP — oh wait, through that haze, it’s all coming back to me…. Beautiful page, no longer a virgin, happens to all, well, most of us….. My grandmother used to go to speakeasies — and I know that not because she ever told me, but her cousin did! Her cousin went with her! I love your story, I hope you have room for “secret” journaling, cuz that story should be with this LO (that’s what we “cool” long time scrappers call a lay out)! Bwahahahaha!

  23. I think you should consider scrapping….this turned out incredible!

  24. it is a lovely page!

  25. I love your story about your Grandmother….I have one about my grands on my blog yesterday! I love your page. The only thing I would change would be to journal that story you just told us..that would make it even more special.

  26. great story about your grandmother….it’s hard for us to imagine them being young…I just love being a grandmother, and making memories with my granddaughter…Love your page!!!

  27. This is definitely one of the most beautiful scrapbook layouts I’ve ever seen!

    The colors, the designs … everything here is PERFECT! I suppose it doesn’t hurt that you are correct about your grandmother: She was beautiful!

  28. Wow I love your layout! Can’t believe it is your first ever as it is so stunning – a sure compliment to your enormous talents! Love the story even more! Beautiful!

  29. your layout is awesome Sherry!!! I hope you get picked for the design team, they need you!!!

  30. what a fantastic first page and a great photo to have worked with, I really need to get into scrapbooking too!

  31. I love the way you popped both the frames and the colors all blend so well together. What a nice look.

  32. Sherry!!! I have to same memories but they are not about my grandmother but of me!!! Loved “putting on the dog” and going downtown to Louisville with my best girlfriend.
    Graphic 45 is my new passion. Love the page you made of your grandmother. Whatever you make is always the best.

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