Happy Monday!  The weekend around here was so quiet.  My girls went on a weekend road trip with my mother . . . I’m gonna guess there was plenty of shopping going on!  What this truly means, is that Mallory wasn’t around and I didn’t have to cook.

On Sunday I got some much needed book work done, and on Saturday I had some play time in the studio.  Remember this video on Faux Porcelain Flowers that I originally posted in November of 2009?

I really love this technique and from I can tell doing some searching, it’s been very popular.  (The Duke of Dirt . . . oops, the Duke of Distress . . . actually taught it during the Melt Art class at CHA [or so I’ve been told].)

I know the video is somewhat dated (and I plan on making  a new one) because now there is an easier way to apply the melted UTEE.  Make your flowers first and then dunk them in the UTEE, then pick them out and let the UTEE drain back into the pot.  Oh so simple!  However I did make a few my old way and still liked the process of shaping as I go . . . plus you don’t waste all the time gluing them all together first.

I was sitting at my work table Saturday working on a Graphic 45 project when I said to myself . . . you really should make these flowers shiny so they’ll pop on the page . . . so, I DID!  (said in my best Bette Midler voice)

Here are some flowers that I was playing with.


You’ll recognize some of them from recent projects.  Meaning they were already made and were dunked in the melted UTEE.  See those little brown flowers in the right front?  Those were shaped and then a florist pin was pushed down through the middle.  The pin was perfect to hold onto while dipping the flowers.  I cut them off after the flower was dry so I had a flat surface to glue to the project.

These are the finished flowers.


I LOVE them . . . I think I’ll leave my melting pot out for awhile!

I really must hurry my post today.  I’m heading out to take some classes from Karen Lockhart, who is teaching at Papertrix in Nashville today.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your day is filled with adventures!


21 Responses to “Revisiting Faux Porcelain Flowers!”

  1. Loved the video, because this is new to me. Thanks for sharing.
    I just love your blog!!!!!!

  2. OK, serious? That is SO stinkin COOL!!! Now the melting pot is BACK on my list of MUST HAVES!!! I have 4 colors of UTEE and never use them as that crackle thing never works right for me!!!! It gets hazy when I rub ink on it… ??? Maybe a nylon for re-shining???

  3. Love these!!! Love ’em!! Guess I need to get a melting pot …!

    Have fun at your class!

  4. These are the flowers you make that are some of my favorites; thank you for posting the video. I watched another one of your videos yesterday; it was making flowers from coffee filters. Mine were sprayed with prepared mists and they look very pretty, so am thinking of showing the technique in one of the future workshops I hold each month. Thanks for all you do for your fans and readers!

  5. oohhhh they are awesome….. totally awesome. :-)

  6. Hi Sherry!!! Give a hug to Cindy and Wayne at Papertrix for me. They are THE BEST – and the store is so cool and always fun. Enjoy and show us what you did.

  7. Hi Sherry! Beautiful! My dau-in-law bought a melting pot, but hasn’t opened it (about 3 yrs. ago). She told me to use it if I wanted. Well, I watched the video, and now “I want”. I’m gonna open it! :) Have a great Monday and thanks for sharing a bit of you with us :)

  8. It’s amazing what the UTEE does for the already beautiful flowers. Thanks for linking back to the video… I enjoyed watching it!

  9. awesome technique! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Beautiful Sherry. I guess it’s time to buy a melting pot….

  11. Great technique – your flowers are beautiful!

  12. Those are AWESOME!! I love the shiny flowers.

  13. Love that technique. I have never seen it before. I think it is not time to take my melting pot out of the box and make friends with it. TFS

  14. Lovely and simple! Thank you

  15. Love love love this!!

  16. hi cherry your flowers are fabulous
    thanks for your workshop
    xoxo BA

  17. duke of dirt – lol…you crack me up! Love this technique – you’re gonna make me break out my trusty ole melting pot, ain’t ja – !!

  18. Wow, that video is one of my FAVES and this update to the technique is ultra cool. . . or hot? Melting hot, lol! So you just dunk the whole flower in, upside down? They are GORGEOUS – something about that shine just makes them look so incredible, and it was neat to see how the embossing intensified the paper color!

  19. Wow that certainly makes a difference, they really pop!!

  20. Gorgeous flowers.

    Thanks for the video. I had read how to do it, but it’s just not the same as seeing the technique!

  21. Yes, the Duke did, and I immediately thought of you and your fantastic tutorial!!!!
    Ahead of your time????????????? Ha!
    Great stuff!


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