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  1. I believe that the Zentangle done with out color are amazing and you should frame them. But the one in color has taken my breath away. It’s stunning, it’s like the Zentangle has come to life. Gorgeous work. Love your story today. TFS!!! 😀

  2. I agree the Zentangle with watercolor is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Also thank you for sharing the racetrack story–it brings back memories of good times.

  3. this is beautiful

  4. Awesome!! Both versions are amazing!!!

  5. Holy Batman…. wow. I was picking my jaw up from the floor after seeing the 1st one and then the watercolored one….. wow, absolutely gorgeous. You are right, amazing how color changes it. Sigh, I’ll never get there…..
    PS: How’s your mom?

  6. Wow, great work Sherry. The black and white version is gorgeous but what a transformation the watercolour has made, it just brings it to life. Beautiful!
    I loved hearing a bit more of your background and your love of art and stock car racing. It’s cool when someone appreciates your art and wants you to create another for them and then pay you for doing something you obviously love too.

  7. Wow Sherry the black and white version is beautiful but the watercolor version is stunningly beautiful! You are an amazing artist and I also love the beautiful flowers that you make. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  8. AMAZING…totally flippin’ AMAZING!!!

  9. Amazing – you are a true artist!

  10. AHHA!! Lightbulb moment! I’ve been playing around trying to learn some tangle patterns (trust me, nothing worth sharing!haha) that I have found from a couple of links you gave me. It became so perfectly clear today that I’m obviously doing this wrong! THREADS…who would have guessed that is how you start the groundwork?! snort.
    I LOVE the different looks to both tangles and think that coloring them is absolutely FABULOUS!

  11. Just beautiful! Not sure Tangle is something I can get into. But I do love when my projects invoke a childhood memory. Love the story about your Dad and the special experiences you shared with him.

  12. ~♥OMGoodness how groovy is that!♥~

    love. the tangle ~ black & white & colored…wowsa! such beautiful work!

    love.your story, too…how cool…

    keep up your tangles & tangle on girl!

    hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

  13. Ooh…Bad Sherry! These are simply gorgeous! I have been tangling for several months and none of mine look anything as gorgeous as yours…I would never link any of mine! But I keep trying. I love the relaxation it gives me and trust me, this old broad needs some relaxation!

  14. Sherry, this is amazing. I simply can’t to a Ztangle at all. I’ve tried but no luck. Maybe some day when I get bored I’ll try again.

  15. Love it Sherry!!

  16. Sherry, I cannot improve on what others have said. Your tangles are stunning and the one you colored does take my breath away.

  17. YOU R REALLY HOOKED! Did you tangle before visiting the Queen’s Ink? or has this just exploded since then? You are so fantastic with your tangles and they look so professional. WOW is all I can say. Did you ever check in on the Webinar? Think I missed it.

  18. So, it finally comes out that you have always had that artistic skill and talent. I’m amazed by your tangles. I’ve always thought they’d look great colored, but this is the first time I’ve seen one colored up. It looks fabulous!

  19. What a difference in the two projects. I don’t get this Zentangle as I’m not familiar with it other than I’ve heard of it. I did, however, break down and purchase those distress pens yesterday and I look forward to using them.

  20. Sherry, I continually find myself wishing that you lived in my neighborhood! I just love your posts..and your artwork. BTW…congrats on the beautiful project you have in this issue of Paper Creations magazine. What a gorgeous job you did on that!

    Anyhoo…I am dying to get started with Zentangle, but I am so swamped right now (grandbabies, wedding for our youngest son, projects, house, yard, etc.) But I love these Tangle Tuesday posts…keeps the idea in the forefront of my brain. Your tangles are amazing…and I love the watercolored version. You inspire me. Thank you!

  21. What a beautiful tangle – BW & Colored ! I’m still learning the different designs and practicing them. I love how you will repeat a design from quadrant to quadrant. I need to think out of the box more and I really need to understand shading. Your shading is outstanding but it breaks all the rules – no light source needed when shading a tangle ! 🙂 Thanks for all the inspirations you give me.

  22. Gorgeous Sherry!!!! I too am a watercolorist originally. Funny how things all come around. What’s old is new! Beautiful work!
    Oh, and I made extra money in highschool by painting the numbers on a friends demolition derby car. Fun, but you knew it was gonna get smashed.


  23. You are even more amazing than I thought! You really are a true artist! I am blown away by the watercolor car story!

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