Good morning!  Boy I don’t know what happened to yesterday.  I got up with all intent of going into the studio and spending the day and it was maybe 6:00 when I finally went down.  Maybe it’s the lack of sunshine in this part of the state . . . I’m saying it now . . . no more snow, no more gray skies, no more dreary days!  But now let’s think about this . . . . 24 years ago yesterday, March 2, 1986 it snowed!  How do I remember . . . . that was day that Daughter #1, Kate, was born!  However that private island is calling me, cabana boys waiting  . . . . .

I’ll be teaching alcohol inks at Lavender Sentiments this month and want to have an altered project for the class as well as cards.  I’ve had this idea for a few days now and rummaged around in the cabinets to find something I could use for a trial.  What I’m going to show you is my second attempt . . . the first was too dark and blender solution made it all disappear!

So here’s what I did!  I dropped alcohol ink onto the vase and sprayed it with canned air, letting the ink run and go as it wanted.  I kept it up until I thought I had most of the vase covered.  So you could see the colors better I rolled up a piece of white paper and dropped it into the vase.


So how could you use this?  My mind didn’t now immediately go to this, but you could poor in some white fluffy stuff (whatever florists all it) and put in some flowers (real or silk).  What I have used this vase for in the past is this.


To hold a candle . . . . either a pillar or a votive.  I’ve found that if you put a pillar in it, and the wax drops down the sides of the candle, you’re going to play hell getting the candle out!  It would make a great accent candle on a patio late at night when you are sitting around the chiminea or outdoor fireplace with your glass of wine!

So tell me, what do you think?  A good project for a class?  A total waste of time?  Inquiring minds want to know!


Smiley from   So I finally got a picture of all 12 Tags together, and yes I have already emailed it toT!m Smiley from  I had so much fun making all of these tags, and here they are . . . .


I’m also pretty darn excited to tell you that I taught my first class at Lavender Sentiments on Monday night.  Look at this great group of ladies who took my class.


Look at them getting all inky and dirty . . .


I had so much fun and we covered an awful lot of information in just over 2 hours.  It truly didn’t seem that long and there was so much more we could have covered.  SO guess what?  I’m gonna get more classes.  I’ll be teaching 2 in January and 2 in February.  There will be one day class and one evening class covering the same information.  Smiley from

Thanks to all of you wishing me well with my upcoming surgery.  I met with the surgeon today and he says that I should be working/using my had right away.  Well you know, I had to ask how long it would be before I could stamp, type, drive  . . . all those good things.  He said it would probably feel better than it does now even.  We’ll see  . . . right?  They even made me an appointment 2 weeks out and said if the healing was going well they would remove the stitches.

This may very well be my last post this week as I have some really pressing super, secret projects that I need to get done before my surgery.  So I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and I’ll be back with a surgery update sometime over the weekend (or maybe Monday).  Until then I have this for you . . . Smiley from

As I write this post my heart is heavy and I’m really quite depressed.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, all of my scheduled classes have been cancelled.  I’m terribly sorry if you have already enrolled in some of them, please request a refund from Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo.  Where I go from here, I don’t have a clue . . . it’s been a pretty tough week to say the least.

EDITED TO ADD:  This was not my decision and everything is great with my family.  No worries there!

Hey all!  After a long flight from Colorado, a 3 hour lay over at Midway and then another weather delay, I finally made it home last night.  What a long weekend it was.  I didn’t remember how tired I always got when working one of these shows.  However, I must say that the pleasure of meeting so many online friends all in one place makes up for it.  Colorado is gorgeous and the weather was a little cooler than I thought, but oh my  . . .  not having all that Ohio Valley humidity . . . well it just made me do this . . . Smiley from

Even without any promotion, I did have a couple of classes over the weekend.  Much to my amazement, Holly McMillen was walking down an aisle when I spotted her.  Of course, I dropped what I was doing and immediately ran toward her.  It was great fun to finally meet her, but the best  . . .  she took one of my classes!  So not only did I get to meet Holly, but we did kinda stamp together too!

I wasn’t able to get a picture with Holly, but I did with Cindy Motherway and all the girls working the booth!


From left to right, that’s Kathy (Cindy’s sister-in-law), me, Cindy (mothermark) and Madeline!  It was fabulous to finally meet the girls and spend the weekend having fun with them.  We did have our moments too!


What you can’t see, is that I had coffee all down the front of my shirt.  Both days, wait all three days, I spilled my coffee carrying stuff in the first trip in the morning.  This day, I wore my apron back to the hotel it was soooooo BAD!

So today is laundry and catch-up day!  I leave again on Friday for Colorado Springs (were I will hopefully be offering classes again).  It all depends on space and what type of promotion I get.  If can’t get my classes in, I will be demoing part of the classes and selling some class kits.  My class registration for Tinley Park, Illinois is already up if you are in the area and want to spend time laughing with me!  Class registration for the St. Paul classes opens at noon on August 18th.

I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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