Good morning!  What a wild and crazy productive weekend creating in the studio!  When I looked at my calendar for the month of May, I found that I was pretty well triple booked for the first few days.  Nothing like giving this BAD girl an incentive to get her behind in the studio.  I almost said flabby fanny  . . . BUT . . . if you aren’t following me on Facebook, I’ve lost 45 pounds since October.  It’s not such much a flabby fanny anymore!!

I’ve got to projects today!  The first one is for eclectic Paperie and is my take on the ePlay Challenge for this month, Get Stenciled!  You’ve still got plenty of time this month to play along.


You can find all the details and more photos on the eP Blog today!

My second project is for Quietfire Design.  Suzanne made us this great “Thanks” stamp that we could fill up with all sorts of doodles or tangles.


Once again, you can find more photos and details on the Quietfire Creations Blog today.

I hope you’ll hop over and join me on the eP and Quietfire blogs!  Thanks for stopping by here today!




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Good Tuesday morning!  I know it’s Tangle Time Tuesday and I do have a couple of new tangles to share with you.  BUT first, I have to share a couple of photos . . .

recently we’ve had a number of geese roaming the streets.  There are two ponds by my house, one on each side of the block to the rear of us.  I haven’t gone by recently to check on the water levels but my guess is that they’ve been fairly low.  We always have some type of ducks or geese at the ponds but recently they’ve taken to walking up and down the streets.  This was the scene Sunday morning.


and then at the front end of the boulevard.


These were taken from my front porch .  . . Mr. Stodgy warned me to be careful when walking around the boulevard, watching where I step.   That is my normal walk with the dogs . . . one lap around the boulevard and it’s a half mile.

Geese are not unusual to the area, and in most places where they are there are hundreds of them.  I don’t actually know that they ever leave the area anymore what with the weather we’ve had the last few winters . . . maybe they still do and I just haven’t noticed.

Now for some tangles.

The first was done on a Zentangle Square (you can tell by the rounded corners).


The second was done on hot press watercolor paper.


That’s all I have for today, but wait until tomorrow . . . I’ve got a surprise post coming up!

Thanks for stopping by and remember . . .  life is short, enjoy the adventures that come your way today!


Happy Tuesday!  Since I missed last week, I figured we were due for another Tangle today.  I haven’t been in the mood to tangle recently, and am pulling from some that I did back in the beginning of the month.

Here’s one I don’t think I showed you when I was hooked on the circles.

August 6

These final two are the last one I finished up.



That’s all I have today.  Thanks for stopping by and remember . . .  life is short, enjoy the adventures that come your way today.

AS AN ASIDE:  The last two days I’ve typed that last sentence, it has meant more to me that I can possibly say.  This afternoon I’m heading to visitation (funeral tomorrow) for an old high school friend of mine.  He was admitted into ICU just about 4 weeks ago for kidney failure, and he earned his angel wings this past Saturday.  He was 54 years old and one of the best men and best friends I’ve ever known.    Every once in a while you develop a friendship in your life that stands the test of time and distance.  If you are lucky enough, you might have a handful of friends like that.  The ones that you may not have talked to for a year or more, but if they call you and need you, you’re there . . . and if you need them and call, they’re there.   He has been one of my best friends for 41 years.  When I looked at the number of friends on his Facebook page, there are 332.  There are 332 people out there that Steve really loved and knew and loved him in return.  There are 332 people out there that thought of him as one of their best friends.  When I looked at my page, I have 796 friends and I’ll wager to guess that I only know a third of them.  He truly was a very rich and blessed person.  The only thing I can say is  . . . life is too short, please make the most of your days whether it be getting fit and healthy, spending quality time with family and friends, wherever the adventures of your day take you . . .


Good morning!  Can you believe that a week has already gone by and it’s time for another Tangle Time?  Hell I can hardly believe that school has started here . . . where have the days/weeks/months gone?

I still have a few Tangles in the reserves that I did a few weeks back that I want to share with you.

August 7

Both of these are on hot press watercolor paper and measure 3.5” square.

August 10

If I’ve shown you these before, I apologize.  I’ve been a poor record keeper of late!

Thanks to everyone who has played along and left a link.  I’ve so enjoyed seeing your Tangles . . . great inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by today and as before, if you are inclined to post your work please come back and leave a link.  We would love to see what you are doing!


Smiley from I truly meant to get this post up a little earlier today . . . but first I had to run all the little shihtz’ up for their grooming and while they were gone, I took my leisurely time with today’s puzzles.

The other day I mentioned I was working on a frame to display Zentangles.  At first I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to turn out (and I must admit that I did leave off a top layer . . . because I wanted to see the texture created and not cover it).

To make the frame, chipboard sheets were die cut with various sizes of Spellbinders™ Squares, the outer edge is the largest of the Grand Squares.  I think there might be 2 pieces for the backing and 3 for the outer frame.


I was going to cover the frame with beeswax (now another project), but when I spied the container of fast drying lightweight spackling compound on my shelf, I grabbed it instead.  Now I’m sure this is not a product that should be used on chipboard for a project like this, but hey . . .  it was worth a try.

Once I had the chipboard covered in a nice layer of compound, it was misted with water (very lightly) and then using the Spellbinders new M-Bossabilities, Ornamental Iron, I lightly pressed the folder down into the spackling compound.  I realized after a few tries, that it was very important to lift the folder straight up when removing.


Once everything had dried, the backing of the frame was painted with black acrylic paint and the frame was painted Americana Light Buttermilk.  The next layer is Americana Turquoise Blue mixed with Glazing Medium and a little water.  I painted that on  . . . really not too thick . . . and then wiped off the excess, leaving most of it in the crevices formed from the M-Bossabilities.

To add some patina to the frame, I pulled out my trust Perfect Pearls and started adding some here and there, and soon realized that using Perfect Medium would really be the smart thing to do and not mist with water.


I kept adding different colors (Bronze, Green Patina, Cappuccino and Gold) over the frame until I ended up with what I thought looked good.  You might be able to see from the above photo how I added two extra layers of chipboard inside the frame to make the image pop up just a bit.  Those were painted black to match the backing.


These colors might not be perfect for a black and white Zentangle piece, but while I’m sitting here looking at the frame across the room, my eye is drawn directly to the Zentangle . . .  it pulls me in!  I guess we’ll find out eventually if the spackle falls off the cardboard Smiley from

Now that I’ve finished with this one, I think I will have to give the beeswax a try.  It’s been a long time since I’ve worked in that medium and I think it might be time to drag it out again.

Oh and one more thing!  I did go around all the edges with a Krylon Gold Leafing Pen.  Just to add that finishing touch.

So that’s all for me today.  Thanks for stopping by today and I should have a winner or two for the magazine posted soon!


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