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Welcome to Mojo’s nightmare

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Calling MoJo
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11 Responses to “The BAD Side of it all!”

  1. If he answers will you see if mine is with him…he has been missing for a week!

  2. Bravo, bravo for standing on your principle!!!

  3. Sherry, NO I do NOT WANT TO BE REMOVED from your site.
    I LOVE IT!!!!
    I just started with the company, hoping to make a little back from what I spend….but that doesn’t prevent me from visiting wonderful artists and crafters who inspire me to the next level…..
    I LOVE your work….keep it coming!

  4. so make a goth card!!! 😀

  5. Doesn’t it still when Mojo is not a good boy and you need to go looking for him!!! I hate it when that happens ….

  6. Bwahahaha….my Mo & Jo are still on strike…hehe!!

  7. Mojo, Mojo…where forth art thou, my ole mojo?????? LOL, Sherry…..My mojo has been missing all week and wouldn’t you know it happens on a week when I actually had some free time to create……I haven’t been able to get even one project completed……Bad Mojo, Bad Mojo!!!

    Luv ya,

  8. oh cripey Girl…..mines been on an extended vacation all summer. I’m thinking gas is too expensive and he/she is waiting for it to come down.
    WAIT a minute here!!!! He/she can’t drive. Little feet can’t reach the gas pedal – jeeeesh. NOW I’m worried.

  9. Can top this….not only is MY mojo missing…..he decided to take a hike right in the middle of making DS’s b-day card….guess who’s b-day is today and guess who is trying to finish a card before his bedtime?!!!

  10. Your smilies are too funny, Sherry. I am also stepping down from SU (after 10 years). I have a class commitment that is going to see some other stamp companies in the next couple of months – gasp! I think your mojo must have taken a trip with mine, or they could be hiding under my pile of craft supplies.

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