Smiley from Good morning y’all!  It’s time for another Tangle Tuesday.  From the comments left and some emails I received, I can tell lots of y’all are interested in Zentangle.  I’ve been sitting on my fingers trying not to upload more over the last few days.

Let’s talk about some different links that you might find interesting:

The Zentangle website

plus there are so many zentangle/zendoodling blogs out there all you need to do is search on zentangle, doodle, zendoodle . . . you won’t believe the hits you come up with.

My friend, Micki Harper, mentioned in her blog post that she had cut up some watercolor paper to use for her doodling.  I tried it . . . I used hot press watercolor paper because it is smoother and doesn’t have all the grooves of regular watercolor paper . . . I cut it up in 3.5” squares and tried a couple of those.  It works great!

What I’ve learned over the last little bit just practicing.  I like to have a fine 01 or 03 pen for drawing but I like a broader tip, 05 or 08 for coloring in the black areas.  I have only one paper stump that I use over and over, but I can see where a couple would be handy.  If you are a golfer (or someone else in family is), those golf pencils picked up at all the pro shops are perfect . . . they are small so they can go in your pencil or Zentangle bag easy.    Zentangle doesn’t have to be perfect . . . none of my lines are . . . and I’ve messed up my share of squares . . .  things can be fixed by shading or maybe changing your design a little.

Here are a few of my tangles from the last week:

This is one done on a Zentangle Square:


This is one done on 140 lb. hot press watercolor paper:


This is one of my favorites done some time  . . . can’t remember when  . . . but I think done in a doctor’s waiting room with my mom.


Thanks to everyone who played along and linked up last week.  Hopefully we’ll keep building on that number so we can see what each other are doing.

Thanks for stopping by today and remember . . . it’s one line at a time!


11 Responses to “Tangle Time Tuesday #2!”

  1. I must say that the tangles you have made are breathtaking. I hope I don’t sound like a broken record these need to be framed. Beautiful work. TFS!!!

  2. I apologize for the second post. I forgot to say TFS the links with us. 😀

  3. I’m loving your zentangles. They look really difficult. I love doodling, so I’m so tempted to give this a go. What is most appealing….this can be carried anywhere… Keep posting them, PLEASE.

  4. *THUD*
    (NEED to try this!)

  5. Great zentangles here again Sherry. I took up your challange and doodled ’til my heart was content. I’ll make my next one a bit smaller, the size you’ve suggested sounds like a better start. Mine ended up about 6.5 inches square so took a while to do this.
    I’ve posted a picture of it on my blog, and also linked any visitors back here and encouraged folks to give it a go too.

  6. Sherry have you tried the 96 lb bristol paper. I use it and am very happy with it. I hadn’t thought of using the golf pencils. Now that is an excellent idea. I love your tangles. You are certainly talented. Thanks for sharing I look forward until next Tuesday.

  7. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my computer !! LOL !! Who would guess that you just started doing the amazing tangles. They all look so very professional. I’m still finishing up some other projects I have in the works and then I’m going to get into this. Yours are so outstanding, I only hope to do half as good. TFS.

  8. oohhh golf pencils…..great idea. Aww, thanks for the shout out….. :-) your Zentangles are freakin’ amazing. I wish that it didn’t bother my hand as much as it does (another reason I’ve not done any Copic coloring either). Buying a big jar of Icy Hot because I’m playing along and am going to master this, dammit, lol! (I’m stubborn if nothing else).

  9. Your tangles like everything else you do are absolutely amazing. You are quite talented.

  10. I’m loving these! Very pretty!

  11. Congratulations ‘Grandma’!! Beautiful frame!! Wonderful Zentangles–Zentangling (?) is so good for the soul on so many levels–key word ‘Zen’! Thank You So Much for sharing!

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